Food Allergies to Foodies

Through quantitative and qualitative research, I developed a 30 year UX vision to help people with allergies improve their quality of life in various contexts. more


A mobile application, internally called Hungry Hungry Hippies, to help people make more sustainable food purchasing decisions, using their own values, by providing them with information when it is most needed. more

Evanced Solutions

A design concept and strategy guiding library vendor Evanced towards supporting their clients' emerging role as community centers and information concierges. more

Keyboard Gloves

Gloves designed to allow wearer to type without a keyboard. Prototyped using the Arduino prototyping platform. more


Design of tablet, stylus, and software to help dyslexic children learn to build relationships, be creative, read, write, and share what they're learning. more

Asthma Soother

Using a nebulizer can be scary for a child. This prototype nebulizer calms the child , makes treatment fun, and let's mom and dad know how their loved one is doing. more

HP Printer Fleet Management

Hewlett Packard provided a 4-day challenge to rethink printer configuration. Our poster describes a workflow and system that automates completion of several pain points. more


A digital team icebreaker and organizer. Makes the normally awkward stage of forming classroom project teams fun and productive, especially for international groups. more

Wiggle Map

A tangible map allowing both blind and sighter users to navigate unfamiliar areas without a visual interface. more


JTRP Website

The JTRP webpage serves students, governments, and the private sector with educational opportunities and research initiatives. This front-end redesign made navigation easier. This self-initiated redesign spurred my interest in user-centered design. more

Mast Sensor Web Application

A web application visualizing data collected from wind and stress sensors on mast poles; used as a teaching aid and research tool in civil engineering. more